Jorge Elizondo Presents:
Learn to Dance
Bachata Tango vol.2
Intermediate/Advanced Level

Running Time: 1 hr. 05 min.
Language: English
Format: All-Regions

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Learn to Dance Bachata Tango

Intermediate Level
Vol. 2

Jorge Elizondo, originator of the Bachata Fusion style of bachata is proud to introduce to you his latest evolution of the bachata fusion style of dancing called… Bachata Tango.

In recent years Jorge has taken bachata, which has always been a very beautiful traditional dance style, and integrated it with other dance styles into a new social dance experience called Bachata Fusion. Bachata Fusion has been wildly successful and popular because it satisfies the desire of today’s more knowledgeable, internationally oriented audiences for a dance that’s visually appealing, passionate, technically challenging and personally expressive.

Jorge is proud to introduce his latest paradigm modification to bachata called ‘Bachata Tango”. In his extensive recent worldwise travels, Jorge realized that there was a potential fusion between the simple beauty of bachata with the dramatic elegance of Tango Nuevo. And in fact he observed that certain very progressive dancers were doing just that. After much dance floor research, testing and development Jorge developed his new dance style and to assist him in introducing it to you he enlisted the help of two of the top tango dancers and instructors in the country, Ross Todorovic and Camille Yannantuono

Jorge wanted to ensure that he used authentic tango material in his new Bachata Tango and who better to insure that than Camille and Ross, both nationally and internationally recognized tango dancers and instructors presently owning and managing Positive Energy Dance Studio in beautiful San Diego, CA. Both Camille and Ross are professional dancers who, in addition to teaching social dancing, also teach and compete nationally and internationally as well as provide professional Latin Dance entertainment to large business, corporate and social events locally and nationally Key characteristics of Jorge’s new style had to be that it was not only authentic but also realistically leadable in social dancing.

Camille, Ross and Jorge got together and after much planning and collaboration developed the beautiful DVD you have here, Bachata Tango, Volume 2, a beautiful integration of bachata, tango and a touch of other latin dances. Bachata Tango, Volume 1 is the newest expression of Bachata Fusion……designed to enable you to gain greater enjoyment of your dancing experiences.

This is truly one of the most unique dance instructional DVDs ever produced. Don’t miss it.

Syllabus for Bachata Tango 2

Footwork Section
Forward Ochos
Reverse Ochos
Men's Pop Corn with Ochos
Pop Corn into Women's Ochos
Double Ganchos
Pivots with Ganchos

Special Features
Tango Warm-Up
Bachata Tango Demo

Partner Work Section
Pivots with Ganchos
Tango Ochos
Ochos Transition Step
Pop Corn Into Ochos
Pop Corn into Women's Ochos
Compass Flare


Sample Video Clip of Bachata Tango DVD Series


Featured Video

Jorge & Camille Bachata Tango FreeStyle in
Den Haag,Holland May,08



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Jorge Elizondo's
Teaching Style

In no time you will see Jorge’s unique teaching style! Jorge a classically trained musician and educator has fused his Musical conducting and leadership skills into a very Successful Proven method to learn to dance bachata. His voice, can instill an inner pulse to his students and help guide them into numerous unchoreographed routines in his dvd's and live workshops. With General like qualities, He commands the best of his students and with no time at all he can achieve success with total beginners.
So Dont Wait!!!!
Join the thousands of students who have learned from Jorge Elizondo’s World Bachata Boot Camp Tour. Jorge’s swift and very detailed teaching methods have helped dancers develop a smooth, sexy & creative Bachata style.


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Jorge Teaching Bachata

Learn from the Best and Improve your dance style in the privacy of your own home. You are Guarantee to learn with his very progressive systematic teach methods that allow you to easily transition into the next concept with great easy or we will return Your Money Back NO Questions Asked!



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